Monday, September 22, 2008

Dancing Girls

Here's a video of Laynie and Peyton's a little dark but still cute!

New Jersey Trip

Laynie and Riley were flower girls in my cousin's wedding, so we made a whirlwind trip to New Jersey. We left here on a Wednesday, got there Thursday, had the rehearsal Friday, wedding Saturday, and left for home Sunday morning. It was hectic, but fun overall. We didn't get to do too much or see too many people while we were up there, hopefully when we come for the LPA conference we'll have more free time.
This is Laynie and Riley with my Pop-pop... We stayed in Point Pleasant Beach, about a block or two from the beach. We were able to get up on the boardwalk for a couple of hours...that was fun. I grew up about half an hour south of there, so it was nice to bring the girls to places I went to as a kid.

Here are some of the girls before the wedding...

We found out that we have 3 dancing queens... you couldn't keep the girls off the dance floor. They were so cute! Peyton really loved the music as well, she would pick up her dress and spin around.

Here's me with my Pop-pop...
and my mom with Peyton and him leaving the church.
We had a great time in NJ... but I'm looking forward to staying home for a while. Driving all that way with 3 kids was a little stressful!

Disney World and Riley's Birthday!

So! I know it's been a while...I'll save the apologies (as I'm sure no one is that upset anyway! :)
September 2 was Riley's 3rd birthday! Here a some pictures of her with her cake...

Here she is in her new pjs. Riley is very picky about what she wears to bed...I took a deep breath when she opened these hoping that she would like them. Lucky for me she did!

This is Peyton after eating/wearing beef-a-roni. She looks similar to this after raviolis and macaroni and cheese as well.Labor day weekend we took a last minute trip to Disney for Keith and Riley's birthdays. We had a great time. It wasn't too hot due to the hurricane in the gulf and it wasn't crowded at all. Of course, the girls always have fun at Disney and did not want to come home!!