Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy Times

First...last Saturday was Riley's dance recital. She did an AWESOME job! I still can't believe she got up there in front of all those people and danced. I am so proud of my girl!! Those of you who know Riley know that she can be a little difficult at times. So to see her dance her heart out for everyone was one of those great mommy moments!!

This is Riley and her friend Grace before the big show!

On to Baltimore! We left on Sunday, and that night we met my cousin Julie, her husband Shawn and their daughter Laynie for dinner (we stole her case you were wondering!) We had a really nice time, it was great to get to see them! Thanks again to them for coming to meet us!

I managed to get this picture of Peyton standing...she is getting pretty good at it!

The hotel had a complimentary beer/wine thing every evening, the girls had fun! (So did we!)

And this was from lunch at McCormick and Schmicks...very yummy!

Onto the important stuff...the Doctors. We saw Dr. Hoover-Fong first. She was very pleased with how Peyton is doing, especially how much her muscle tone has improved since January. She said it was almost the same as an average height child. (I credit the exersaucer we weren't supposed to use but bought for her birthday, but don't tell her that). We also talked about the results of the sleep study...which went well. Peyton only had central apnea, and there weren't many (I think 7 total, and she didn't desaturate), so we are good on that front for now anyway. She was, however, concerned that she has had 3 ear infections in the last 5 months. So she set us up with Dr. Tunkel and an audiologist Tuesday afternoon. The only problem was that we were supposed to be on a plane at that same time. So, a lot of money was spent to get a later flight...but whatever it takes to keep our kids healthy, right?

Tuesday morning we saw Dr. Ain. He was very pleased with how Peyton is doing and said the x-rays they took looked great. It's pretty cool because he went to school way back when with our pediatrician, which just makes us like both of them that much more. We really have a great pediatrician. I know I just said that, but it can't be said enough. And Dr. Ain is just awesome.

After that we saw Dr. Carson for the first time. That was cool, he's just such an inspiring man (as is Dr. Ain). He also thought she looked great and was very happy with where she's at. We were given a list of things to watch for and sent on our way.

Of course, you know everything can't go now we'll talk about the ENT, Dr. Tunkel. Long story short, her hearing is being affected by the fluid in her ears and she needs tubes. Luckily, he knew of 2 Drs in our area that he worked with and recommended. We have an appointment with one of them July 1st, and hopefully we feel comfortable with him, because I really don't want to go up to Baltimore for the tubes.

Also, we got to meet Dee Miller during our appointment with Dr. Hoover. She came in to speak to us while we were waiting to see the Doctor. She has Achondroplasia just like Peyton, and it was so nice to meet her. She was so sweet and meant a lot that she took the time to see us!

Last but not least was Laynie's dance recital tonight. She did a GREAT job, she is a really good dancer. It was a long show, and I'm thankful for all our family that sat through it!! Here are some pics from the night...

Sorry for the LONG post...I'm glad that everything is done with now and we can just enjoy our summer. And a special thanks to anyone who did not pass out from boredom and made it to the end of this post!!

And I'm going to add one more thing...if you get a chance check out this article. I know I've emailed some of you about this girl, but she is just such an awesome inspiration....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

In case any Dad's out there read this...have a Happy Father's Day!

Today my mom, Riley, Peyton and I are off to Baltimore for Peyton's round of appointments. Can I just tell you how much I HATE to fly? So not looking forward to it. We are meeting my cousin Julie and her family for dinner tonight (she lives in Annapolis and is nice enough to make the drive) which will be nice because we haven't seen her in almost 10 years (I think)!

I promise to post with lots of pics after we get back but for now...