Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Ultimate Blog Slacker

I must, once again, be the big slacker (we should really give out awards for that...)! And once again, I will try to make up for it with an insane amount of pictures!! We went to Captiva last week for a little vacation and had a GREAT time! The girls would have lived in the pool if it was up to them. Enjoy the pictures!
Riley didn't eat much of her ice cream, but she sure wore it!!

Peyton was ready to go out in her sister's shoes and her bag!!

I just LOVE this picture...

The girls painted coconuts as a souvenier (in case you were wondering what the heck this was a picture of).

Not much else is new. Peyton's tube surgery went well, I couldn't believe how fast it went! She is walking more and more (I'm trying to post a video, but blogger won't load it), which is amazing to us since we weren't expecting her to for a few more months at least. Laynie goes on her kindergarten tour next week, I think I'm still in denial that she's starting real school. I can't believe my first baby is that old already!! I turn 33 this Thursday, time is just going so fast! I remember my 30th like it was yesterday. Sometimes I just wish I could make time slow down for a while, I am just not ready for all this. I want my babies to stay babies...
Enough sappy stuff...I'd say it won't be so long til my next post, but then it will be and I'll not only be a blog slacker but a big fat liar as well and I can't have that!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Just Because they are Cute!

I had to add these two pictures...

And here's a video of 2 crazy dancing kids. I think they are mine. :)

OK, So I'm a Blog Slacker...

So, I know it's been forever since I posted, you are all welcome to come to Florida and yell at me. :) But now you will get picture overload to make up for it!! Here are some fun pool pics of the girls with Grandpa. Peyton loves to wear the mask, but only up on top of her head.

Peyton is obsessed with the kitchen cabinets, can you tell by her face that she knows she shouldn't be in there??

These are from the fourth, we went to a BBQ at Keith parents house. They live on Lake Tarpon, so we went out on the boat and Laynie loved the tube! She also loves to swim in the lake. I'm a wuss and won't because of the alligators. People tell me they stay in the shallow areas, but still. They freak me out.

On Sunday we went to my parents house for dinner, and went to their community pool. They have a huge pool with big steps to play on. The girls loved it!

Peyton goes in for her tubes this Thursday! I'm nervous but also anxious to get it done. I will update after the surgery. Next week we are going down to Captiva for a beach vacation. The girls absolutely love the beach so it should be a great time!