Sunday, January 10, 2010

It’s a Boy!

IMG_8331Meet Nate.  He’s our newest addition…he’s an 8-week old English Bulldog.  Hopefully it’s easier to potty train him than it is to train Peyton.

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Wait, I have a Blog????

It’s been forever!  I really thought I’d be able to update somewhat during school…but no one told me nursing school would make life so hectic. Okay, so multiple people did.  But I didn’t believe them!  I start back this week, so I’ll make no promises…but for now here’s an update!

The girls are all doing great!  Laynie is doing great in first grade, and was doing gymnastics but has since gone back to figure skating.  Riley loves preschool and started dance class, which she loves.  Peyton loves going to school 2 mornings a week and we are trying to get her potty trained.  She is a bit stubborn though, and likes to tell us no when we ask her to go.  But we are getting there!  As for me, I managed to pass my first semester with a B, so I’m happy.  I love school, and can’t wait to be a nurse. 

The girls had a great Christmas…we did a lot of fun stuff this year.  We went to Disney for a couple of days and saw the Osborne Light Show, which is great-it even snows!  Santa brought the girls WAY too many presents…but it was all good stuff so it’s okay.  We also went on a quick road trip after New Years – Pey had her checkups at Hopkins, so we drove up there by the way of Asheville, NC and got to see snow.  It was FREEZING, but pretty cool.  The morning we were there it was actually snowing which the girls loved.  Living in Florida they don’t get to see that.  We then went on to Richmond where we had dinner with Kim and the adorable Preston.  Peyton liked him, but I have to say I think Riley was more smitten…they had fun chasing each other around outside afterwards!  The next day we went to Baltimore and had dinner at my cousin Julie’s house…it was nice to be out of a restaurant/hotel for the night!  We had a really great time there and Riley LOVED their dog (you will see in the pictures)! 

Peyton’s appointments went beautifully (all 3 of them)!  Dr’s Hoover-Fong, Carson, and Ain all gave her stellar reports and barring any troubles we don’t have to go back for a year.  We are thinking of pushing it to a year and a half so we can travel up there when it’s a bit warmer! 

Okay, enough talk…here’s some pictures :)