Thursday, August 25, 2016

Time To Change

So!  Here's the story.  I (like many) have struggled with my weight as my age has "increased".  Now, I'm 41 and am not exactly happy with how I be honest, I hate it.  It's hard with 3 kids, activities, doctors appointments, hospital visits and work to take care of me.  But I need to.  But here's my issue....

I like to eat good food.  And I like to enjoy some regularly (don't judge me).

I did lose 25 pounds 2 years ago, and was down to 132 lbs, wearing size 6/8...I will admit it was pretty cool to try on clothes and have them fit and look good-I won't lie.  However, in order to lose that weight I never ate anything good (meaning bad for me and delicious), and didn't touch a drop of alcohol.  Well, with the stress of our everyday lives that just wasn't going to work long term.

So now, 2 years later, I have gained that weight back...well most.  20 of it.  What I've decided is that I need to approach my weight more other words I need to figure out how to lose weight and get in shape while not depriving myself of my drinks and some good meals.

I'm hoping to use this blog and instagram to document what works/doesn't work...share meals/exercise, etc.  I also welcome (PLEASE) any feedback/tips/anything you can throw at me.  I cook a lot of recipes from Skinnytaste and am pretty good at eating well...but definitely need to up the exercise.  I'm planning on joining Orange Theory within the next week or so, and will start up running again once the feels like temp goes below 100 degrees.  

So this was a boring post, I promise to try to be a little "lighter" in the future (ha, little pun there).


To start-I made this for dinner:
It was yummy.  I'll share a few more recipes that I've made and really like next time.

For now I'm going to finish my Mich Ultra 
(at least its not a craft beer...that's a whole other blog post).