Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letters to our Daughters-February

can't believe a month has gone by already since my first letter to my oldest daughter.  
It is now time for Riley's letter...

Dear Riley,
Oh where do I start in writing a letter to you?
I guess at the beginning...I always tell you that Mommy and Daddy really wanted you.  It took some time for us to have our beautiful second daughter, and you were worth the wait.
The minute you were born we knew you were your own person.  You have always been a sensitive, caring, loving, and beautiful girl.  Over the years I have seen how big your heart is-whether it's playing nurse to anyone in need, snuggling with us on the couch, being concerned for everyone else, or just reminding us that you love us.  
You give a lot of love, and expect it in return-and you should.  I hope as you grow up that you continue to make sure you have all that you deserve.
I used to tell you that you make my heart feel super happy...and you still do.  

You've started playing soccer like your big sister, and I love to watch you out there on the field.    You get better with every game.  You do great in school, always listen and as your teacher says you "keep her on her toes."

Out of all three of my girls, you are the only one who got my eyes.  
I love that. 
I hope you always know how much you touch my heart every day.  I love you my sweet girl.   

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