Saturday, November 29, 2008

National Conference

Hi everyone! I know Emily posted about this a while back, but I thought I'd get an update! I was wondering who is all planning on going to the conference this summer in NYC. If so, as of now, what dates are you planning on attending?
We are going, and as of now are getting there Saturday the 4th and leaving for home Thursday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Serious Picture Overload

WARNING: there is some serious picture overload here (although you already figured that out by the title). Last weekend we went to Disney for a couple of days. One of the best things about where we live is being able to go pretty often.

The girls hanging out on the boardwalk before dinner...

Hanging out in the hotel...
Riley was so happy sitting on Grandma's lap...

...until Laynie came along!

Laynie got to take Cordoroy home for the weekend from school, so we were sure to get pictures of her with him everywhere!

Here's a picture of Peyton and Nana, we went out to lunch with them last weekend for Keith's dad's birthday!

Finally...we got to meet Owen yesterday! Cat's sister is getting married this Saturday, and she lives about an hour and a half from us. So we drove down and had lunch with Cat and Owen. We were also able to meet Cat's parents and sister Anne (who is hysterical, by the way!). We had such a great was so nice to meet someone we've been talking to online for so long now! It's funny how it felt like I already knew them (I know those of you who've met know what I mean). It was also great to see Peyton with Owen...they were so cute together. And Owen, he is just even cuter in person (if you can imagine that)!

Seriously, how cute can one kid be??

Their first kiss! I have it on video too...look at the end!

Peyton was tickling Owen's belly!

Comparing their beer bellies...

Peyton just loved Cat...she walked up to her like she always knew her.

Thank you again to Cat and her family for welcoming us down! Also thanks to Anne who was supposed to be at work that was great to meet her as well! Hopefully we'll get to see them again soon! Now here's a couple of videos...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nothing interesting...

In lieu of anything interesting to talk about, I figured I would talk about nothing. Really I just want to keep my blog at the top of the list (you know, on sites like Katies where she actually has a nice list with most recent posts on opposed to me who can't even remember to add people to my blog roll!) After reading Cat's last post, I am inspired to talk about our girls nicknames. And no, they aren't that interesting (hence the title of the post)...
When we had Laynie, I knew we wanted to call her Laynie, but I didn't want that to be her given name, so we named her Layne. Somehow, shortly after she was born we started calling her bugger-butt. I know, not a great name. But we still call her that at times...I also call her LuLu, because she loopy.
Riley for whatever reason became Ri-Ri, although it's not like it's shorter or easier to say or anything like that. I remember at first I was the only one calling her that, now everyone does. Even her teacher. I also like to call her Riley Roo-Roo. She gets all mad and tells me "I not Riley Roo-Roo, I Riley good-kid". I find that hysterical, because usually when she is yelling that at me she isn't being a good kid.
When we had Peyton, I swore we would not call her Pey-Pey. Mainly because all I think of when I hear that is Pepe le peu the skunk. But guess what we call her...yeah, Pey-Pey. It's a terrible name, but I can't help's cute when it's for her.
So yeah, that's about it for the excitement of this post. I hope you are glad you wasted some of your life on it! We are going to Disney this weekend, and are meeting Owen (and his family too of course, they don't let him travel alone) next Wednesday. So hopefully there will be some good pics to share! Monday is also our 8th wedding anniversary, and while I did plan on scanning some pics to share, my scanner is broken. So unless that gets fixed soon there won't be any. It is supposed to get cold Sunday, right when we go to Disney-I'm so excited! I love to be cold sucks walking around with sweat dripping off of you.

Again, my sympathies for those of you who read this...