Monday, May 4, 2009

My Awesome Mother's Day Present

My wonderful, wonderful husband surprised us with a trip down to the keys for Mother's Day. We went down last Wednesday and stayed through Saturday. The place he got was a beach house resort in Marathon, and the house was right on the beach. It was absolutely wonderful! Our girls are in love with the beach, and it was right off the back porch.

Here are some pictures of the girls having fun on the beach...sorry for so many, but consider yourself lucky-I took around 400 pictures, so this really isn't that many :)

This is a picture of the back of the row of houses on the beach. There were other ones that were around the pool, which were just as nice.

This is the back of our house.

We went down to Key West for a few hours on Thursday, I didn't get many pictures though. These are the only good ones...

Here are more from the beach!

Keith found this crab on the beach...
Laynie wouldn't hold it.
Riley was the brave one and did!
Until he started wiggling his legs around, then she threw him...
And he ran away back to the water.
These were the sunset on the last night - it was really pretty!

This was the back of the units on the beach. There were other houses around the pool area that were just as nice - the place was beautiful!

Fun by the pool!

Laynie got mad at her sisters, so she went up on the porch to pout.
Riley pretending to sleep on the beach!
More fun at the pool!

We had such a great trip, no one wanted to come home! The girls absolutely loved it - hopefully we get to go back sometime. Until then we will be hitting the beach here!
Sorry if the pictures are out of order at the has literally taken me hours to do this post...between blogger messing up and my computer turning itself off...uggh. Hope you enjoyed!