Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!! (aka it's about time!)

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Since it's been forever since I posted (Easter!!) I guess I should catch everyone up first :)
Laynie started 2nd grade this year-she is doing great! I swear, this kid was made for school. She is still skating and is playing soccer now too-she's great at it! I love watching her play-she definately did not get her athleticism from her mom, that's for sure. Riley is in pre-k and is doing well. She missed the kindergarden cutoff by 1 day...which at first frustrated me, but now I think it will be good for her to be the oldest. She is also playing soccer, which really just means she runs around a lot and kicks the ball if it happens to go by. She has fun though, so that's good. Peyton is in preschool 5 mornings a week, she is doing great! She loves all the kids and has a ton of fun. I do think she is starting to realize that she is shorter than the other kids and I'm getting a lot of comments from her about wanting to be taller, and "when I'm big like Laynie"...I try to answer her honestly but she just doesn't get it at her age. I'll take any input on that one that is offerred! She is also doing dance class, which she LOVES!
Unfortunately she had a sleep study in November, and she is having her tonsils and adenoids out this Thursday. I feel bad she has to go through it but I know it's needed. Still not easy though!
Keith and I are doing well! I was so busy with school this past semester it was crazy. I still love it, but all the studying was getting to me. I only have one semester left-unbelieveably!! I go back on the 11th of January and finish in May. Only 5 months to go til I'm an RN!! :)
Sorry for the book! I will leave you with pictures from the last couple of weeks! We had a great Christmas this year! Lots of fun with family and as always it was a great time!
The Osborne Family lights at Disney:

Before Keith's office Christmas party:

Leaving cookies for Santa:Christmas eve!
The girls with Great-Grandma
Riley, Peyton and Aiden with Nana

The girls Christmas morning before I let them come downstairs!
Laynie, Jack, Riley, Aiden and Peyton on Christmas eve
Me and my Dad on Christmas Eve
Me and Rosemary-my sister in law
Keith and Peyton
Me, my mom and my sister
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I wish I got to blog more often-I so love reading everyone elses! Happy New Year!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Peyton!

Today was Peyton’s 3rd birthday!  It was kind of sad in a way that my last baby is already 3.  The time has just flown by.  She has grown into such a sweet girl, I just love her to pieces.  She goes to preschool 2 mornings a week and loves it.  She always talks about her “kids”.  We had a bbq today for her and for Easter-it was a great time!  Peyton got some great presents, I didn’t get pictures of all of them yet though.

The girls colored Easter eggs Friday night…

IMG_8678 IMG_8679 IMG_8680

To start off today the girls checked out their baskets and found eggs!  Then Pey opened her presents from us.

IMG_8683  IMG_8685 IMG_8686 IMG_8687 IMG_8688

IMG_8690 IMG_8691 IMG_8692 IMG_8693  IMG_8695    IMG_8699      IMG_8705  IMG_8707 IMG_8708

Later in the day we had a party for Peyton, complete with another egg hunt for the girls and their cousins Jack and Aiden – followed by some pool time!

_MG_8739 _MG_8740 _MG_8741   _MG_8744 _MG_8745 _MG_8746  _MG_8748  _MG_8750IMG_8726 IMG_8727 IMG_8728 IMG_8729   IMG_8732     IMG_8737 IMG_8738_MG_8756 _MG_8776  _MG_8778 

Finally, here are some pics of the awesome cake Aunt Rosemary made and some family ones…enjoy!

IMG_8719_MG_8783  IMG_8789IMG_8792 IMG_8796 IMG_8709 IMG_8758 IMG_8760 IMG_8761 IMG_8762

Thanks for making it through the mountain of pictures :)  I also have some beach ones…but I’ll spare you!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday!!