Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

So last Monday was Laynie's first day of Kindergarten. She loves it! We miss having her home all day, but I'm glad she likes it.

That same afternoon, she decided she wanted to try to ride her bike without training wheels. Our wonderful neighbor Nancy was very kind and offerred to help Laynie. She has trained 2 boys to ride, one being Laynie's buddy Thompson, and we figured not only would she know what she was doing but Laynie wouldn't give her as hard of a time! It went well, and she is already able to get herself started!

I had to include this picture of Riley asleep on the couch. It was so cute. Until I realized she had peed all over it in her sleep. That was fun to clean up!

Here is a picture of Laynie skating. It isn't the greatest, it was much harder than I expected to get good pics...

Finally, today was Riley's first day of preschool. She will be going 3 mornings a week and she had a ball!

And last but not least...congratulations to myself for just completing my 50th post. :) This is shabby in comparison to Katie's 100th...but still worth mentioning. And since I didn't include any Peyton pics, I will leave you with one...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's Been a While...

So! It's been a while...I won't bother giving excuses. Well I'll give just one. I've been too busy reading every night to update, so I'm doing it during the day this time. The girls are all doing well. Laynie starts kindergarten next week, she is excited, but also pretty nervous. Riley starts preschool in two weeks, so then I will have 3 mornings a week with just Peyton. How weird it will be to be with only one kid! And how easy. :)
So, I have lots of pics to share...the first 2 are from a "movie night" we did a couple weeks ago. We moved the ottoman and set up a blanket on the floor and all watched the Bee Movie. I admit, I didn't want to watch it because I am sooooo not a Jerry Seinfeld fan. But I really enjoyed it! So did the girls.

These are of Peyton in her first nightgown (which was Laynie's). Of course, it was too chilly in her room for her to actually sleep in it (I also have a sneaking suspicion I would find her without her diaper on), but we got a few cute pics.

And of course, Peyton loves her sunglasses!

Ready to ride her bike!

One of Peyton's favorite meals, Ramen noodles. I'm not sure if there's any nutritional value (except 3 days worth of sodium), but she sure loves them!

She wanted to wear the headband while she ate breakfast.

Tuesday we went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa...the girls had fun. They pretended to milk a cow, build buildings, saw dinosaurs, and Laynie and I went in a hurricane booth. I'll have to get that pic from my Dad!!

Finally, Peyton is now walking! She's been trying for a while now, and a couple weeks ago reached the point where she doesn't crawl anymore, she just gets back up and keeps going! It's so cute (well, to me anyway).

I won't even bother pretending I'll post soon...I plan on it...I should have some good pictures coming up with school starting. But we all know I'm a slacker. Maybe when I finish these books...