Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recent Pictures...

I know I don't usually write much, so I'll try to make up for it now! The girls are doing great. Laynie is finishing up her last year of preschool and is excited to start Kindergarden in the fall. She is in dance class and skating lessons right now, and she loves both. I'll have to try to get some pictures of her skating this week to post. Riley is doing great as well...she just gave up (not voluntarily, of course) her pacifier last Friday and is doing great. She was EXTREMELY attached to it, and it's amazing how easy it was. She has hardly even asked for it. She is taking dance lessons, which she loves; and swim class, which she doesn't like so much. She loves the pool, but not class. And now we are up to Peyton. She is just her usual crazy self. She is a silly girl, she loves to make faces and get your attention any way she can. She also just wants to do whatever it is her sisters are doing! Peyton is now crawling all over, and sitting, and standing at things. We go back to Baltimore in June for her checkups, which I expect to go smoothly. So that's all for us...enjoy all the new pictures!


I took the girls to the beach today, the weather was beautiful and we went early before it got crowded. They love the beach and always have so much fun.

Snow Day

One of the mom's at Laynie's school organized a snow day at the ice skating rink over spring break. The girls all had a great time skating and playing in the snow (even though it was 80 degrees outside!). It's the best you can get in Florida, so we'll take it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birthday Party!

Sunday afternoon we had a birthday party for Peyton. She had a great time, I think she likes having lots of people around. We had fun, and really appreciate all the great gifts she got, she is going to be the best dressed one-year old in town!! Enjoy the pics!


Peyton was baptized this past Sunday. Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Kevin were her godparents. It was a nice service, although Peyton was not very content to be held through it!!

More Birthday Pics!

Here are some more pictures from Friday. We went out to dinner, and then had cupcakes at home.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Happy Birthday Peyton! Today is Peyton's first birthday. This isn't the best picture, but I had to put one from today....there will be many more I'm sure.